Sidney Helped

This post is in response to the Map Your PLN activity in the Collaborator module of Ontario Extend. 


I signed up for Twitter in September, 2016 but didn’t really do anything with my account for at least another year after that. It wasn’t a platform that came naturally to me, and truth told I still feel a bit fumbley and slow when I compare my Tweeting to my other online social activities.

I was a late adopter, but I eventually made the choice to engage. I started noticing that at conferences, participants didn’t exchange business cards anymore so much as point to their conference nametag, which they’d written their Twitter handle on. I started by adding all of those people, and immediately my feed started to feel interesting and relevant. I kept adding people, then their people, clicking on anyone who appeared to be working in education, particularly higher education, folks interested in ed. tech, scholars commenting on pedagogical theory and praxis.

My meandering stroll through various iterations of Ontario Extend have allowed me ample time to familiarize myself with Twitter. The Daily Extends really helped me learn to navigate the platform, and most importantly, learn to post and respond in ways that I wouldn’t have known intuitively. In this MOOC iteration, I find I’m less interested in posting on Twitter. Instead, I post in the forums. I didn’t really make a conscious choice to do this, but perhaps for me the LMS suggests a closed, rather than open audience. Perhaps it’s because my Twitter PLN is now established, and I have the confidence to post and respond to conversations outside of Ontario Extend.

That’s not to say that #ExtendMOOC conversations aren’t happening though. Last week I barreled through Experimenter then doubled back to work on Collaborator. I mean it when I say I’m getting the mega badge this time.

I arrived at the final activity, this one, asking me to map my PLN. With no gas left in the tank, I put Ontario Extend away for a bit. I had a meeting to get to. As our meeting was wrapping up though, it occurred to me that I was talking to Cambrian’s resident data mapping super genius. Terry’s been kind about my liberal interpretations of the instructions, so I thought I’d push the envelope even further by asking Sidney to do my homework. Sorry, can’t embed on my free version of WordPress, click below to view:

Sidney Did My Homework



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