Oh CRAAP, it’s a Test!

This post is responding to the “Holy CRAAP” activity in the Curator module of Ontario Extend. 

I found and discussed a series of Indigenization Guides earlier in this module, and now I’m applying the CRAAP test to evaluate the efficacy of the resources.

Currency: They’re current!

Relevance: One of my favourite elements of these guides is that they’re customized for specific target audiences, so the relevance is quite high for a multitude of stakeholders.

Accuracy: These Guides have been well consulted in a collaborative effort between BC Campus, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, and a steering committee comprised of leaders in Indigenous education. Teams of Indigenous and ally writers from across BC collaborated on the content. I do wonder if some modifications need to be made in an Ontario context; however, the foundational knowledge will remain the same. The guides are also quite careful to avoid painting all FNMI peoples with the same brush, and this active avoidance of homogeneity allows for accuracy as well as scalability.

Authority: Yes, as stated above, the guides are well consulted. It would be nice to see some reviews from an informed Ontario lens. Perhaps I’ll nudge a few faculty experts on campus and encourage them to conduct a review.

Purpose: The guides are meant to support systemic change and progress toward meaningful Indigenization of the curricula. They do present an argument in support of this change, so there is a bit of rhetoric at play, but for the most part they offer foundational knowledge.

One last time, here’s a link to the guides! Check em out. 


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